Jr Frontend Developer, Sr Frontend Developer @ ITWORX

Jr Frontend Developer is required!!!. Please apply to the job only if you are qualified enough to the position.

42 New Jobs by ITWORX in Egypt on Cantalop.com!

1) Junior/Senior Copywriter (CAI, EG)
2) (.NET) Software Engineer (CAI, EG)
3) Front-end Developer (CAI, EG)
4) Talent Rewards Specialist (CAI, EG)
5) Administrative Assistant (CAI, EG)
6) Quality Engineer (CAI, EG)
7) SharePoint Developer (Qatar)
8) Quality Engineer (CAI, EG)
9) BI Support Developer (IBM) (CAI, EG)
10) Front-end Developer (CAI, EG)
11) Software Engineer (Support) (CAI, EG)
12) Software Engineer (Java) (CAI, EG)
13) Grant Proposal Writer (CAI, EG)
14) Digital Marketing Team Leader (CAI, EG)
15) Marketing Team Leader (CAI, EG)
16) Marketing Communications Manager (CAI, EG)
17) Senior System Center Engineer (Qatar)
18) Senior Software Engineer (.NET) (CAI, EG)
19) Senior Software Engineer (CRM) (CAI, EG)
20) Senior Software Engineer (Android) (CAI, EG)
21) Senior Software Engineer (iOS) (CAI, EG)
22) Senior Software Engineer (Java) (CAI, EG)
23) Lead Software Engineer (Java) (CAI, EG)
24) Senior User Experience Designer (CAI, EG)
25) Senior SharePoint Engineer (CAI, EG)
26) Senior Front-end Developer (CAI, EG)
27) Senior Quality Lead (CAI, EG)
28) Lead Software Engineer (K2) (CAI, EG)
29) Lead SharePoint Engineer (CAI, EG)
30) Lead Software Engineer - iOS (CAI, EG)
31) Lead System Analyst (CAI, EG)
32) Lead Front-end Developer (CAI, EG)
33) Lead Software Engineer - Mobile (CAI, EG)
34) Project Leader (CAI, EG)
35) Product Manager (CAI, EG)
36) Partners Manager (CAI, EG)
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